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Blood Alcohol Levels and the Legal Limit

Getting pulled over for DWI can be a very costly mistake. Follow these tips to avoid harsh penalties, fines and, in the worst case, a revoked license.

Texas Blood Alcohol Limits

You might ask yourself, “how many drinks is too many?” This question has come up many times and it’s important to know that there is no definitive answer. Body weight, gender, and even your food consumption while drinking alcohol can affect what your blood alcohol level is. Time is also a major factor in blood alcohol levels. On average, a male can subtract 0.01% BAC for every 40 minutes after consuming an alcoholic beverage. To put that into perspective a 180 lb. male will have roughly 0.02% BAC immediately after just one drink. You can see how difficult it can be to judge if you’re fit to drive, especially if you’ve already had a few drinks.

How Does Alcohol Impair Driving?

Consuming alcohol before, or while, driving can impair your driving abilities in many ways. First of all, your reaction time is substantially reduced. This can lead to a decision of whether to stop at that red light or drive through it. Compounding this issue is the fact that your judgement of distances is also reduced while under the influence of alcohol. The car in front of you could be stopped only a few car lengths ahead but will appear, in your inebriated state, much farther away. Coordination will be ‘off’ — your idea of ‘left and right’ can be confused and will making driving very dangerous.

What Should You Do If You Think You’re Unfit to Drive?

You should never be too proud to call a friend to come pick you up. The timing might not be the greatest but it’s better than making that call from inside a jail cell. Public transportation is sometimes an option in larger cities. However, if you are heavily intoxicated this might not be the safest option. Taxis, albeit sometimes expensive, are another option for getting home. One of the best options is to plan ahead and have a designated driver.

Your decision to be a safe driver starts before you even take that first drink!