Learn About SR22 Insurance

What is SR22 auto insurance?

A Texas SR-22 is a certificate of insurance. When a driver’s license is suspended, the State of Texas will sometimes allow a driver to obtain a provisional license by purchasing SR22 insurance and submitting an SR-22 form.

What if I already have car insurance or don’t own a vehicle at all?

If you already have car insurance or don’t own a vehicle, you qualify for what’s called a ‘non-owners SR22 policy.’ A non-owner’s policy is a special policy that allows you to file an SR-22 form for very little money. Best of all, it’s a great, legal way to fulfill your SR-22 requirement without a guaranteed rate-hike from your current insurance company. If you don’t own a vehicle, you also qualify for this policy. It’s a bonafide insurance policy but it’s secondary to any other coverage you might have. So, instead of paying thousands of dollars more, you can get a non-owners policy for much, much less.

Does the State of Texas allow SR22-only policies?

In Section 601.079 of the Texas Transportation Code, it is explained that a driver can have more than one insurance policy to fulfill their liability requirements. This means that you can purchase an SR22-only policy to fulfill your SR22 reporting requirements and still keep the insurance policy you have with your current insurance company.

SR22 Quote

What if I need auto insurance in addition to an SR-22?

If Texas requires you to file SR22 coverage, and you currently don’t have automobile insurance, visit Spartan Insurance to receive a competitive quote for coverage that will get you back on the road. You can quote, buy and print your policy online and we’ll instantly file your SR22 form with the State of Texas.

What’s special about Texas SR-22 insurance?

The SR-22 is sent to the DPS and as long as the insurance policy attached to the form stays current, the license is valid. However, if at any time during the required period the insurance lapses or is cancelled, the DPS will be notified and the driver’s license can be suspended again and the required time period will start over.

How do I get a TX SR-22 form?

When a person purchases an insurance policy with an SR-22, they will be provided the form by the insurance company. SR22Texas.com has some good information on Where to Purchase SR22 Coverage.

What do I do with the Texas SR-22 form when I get it?

The form is submitted, along with the fine, to the Texas DPS. It can be mailed or submitted in-person at select DPS offices around the State of Texas.

Mail the SR-22 directly to Austin:

In most cases, it can be mailed to the DPS office in Austin:

Texas Department of Public Safety

Safety Responsibility Division
PO Box 15999
Austin TX 78761

Submit SR-22 insurance form in-person:

There are currently four (4) offices where you can go, in-person to submit your Texas SR-22 Auto Insurance form:


108 Denson Drive — view map
Austin, TX 78752-4149
Hours: 8AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday


12220 South Gessner Drive — view map
Houston, TX 77071-2831
Hours: 8AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday


350 West IH 30 — view map
Garland, TX 75043-5998
Hours: 8AM to 4:30PM, Monday through Friday

Universal City

1633 Pat Booker Road — view map
Universal City, TX 78148
Hours: 8AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday & 8AM to 7PM, Wednesdays